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Online Store : hellosugah.ecrater.com

I stumbled upon eCrater a free online store service and signed up for a store.

I'm going to start moving items there - it is all automated, with shipping and payment. it is all basically the same, just easier to navigate and itemize. Also, your items are included into a bigger sales catalog and entered into google search ads - i googled 'Card Captor Sakura Coloring Book' and found my item, so that is cool.

I'm still going to keep this journal - and post new items that I add to the store,  but I'm going to move purchases to the online store.

You can still ask questions or negotiate for price - with the store I have to include a price and weigh the item (I even bought a scale :P ) Kinda a hassle digging all the stuff out again, but hey it helps keep it all organized ^_^

Hopefully this will just help make it easier to sell my stuff...as I've exhausted the LJ members.

again... comments, suggestions, feedback,... i'm open.

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    Sales Feedback


    Please post your feedback here.

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    Posting a few RARE Coloring Books

    Posting a few RARE coloring books on eBay Listings

    Marmalade Boy
    Wedding Peach
    Macross 7
    Ghost Sweeper Mikami
    Shoujo - Funny Twins
    Card Captor Sakura
    Yes! Precure 5 Go Go!
    Fancy Lala
    Shoujo - Melody Pops

    a few others added to my ecrater online shop

    eBay Auctions

    Selling items on eBay.
    Doujinshi, Coloring Books, Deco tape, pins, stationary, hiragana flash cards, etc...


    $0.99 items on eBay

    I'm trying out the free $0.99 eBay listings with some of my coloring books


    will add more in the weeks to come

    Decorative Tape (Deco Tape)

    I love deco tape, it is pretty and just sticky enough hold without leaving a gummy residue when you remove it. So, it makes for a good choice when sealing things that you want to reopen or not tear or leave a mess behind ^_^ Plus, you can use it to spruce up plain containers or jars, and other arty and crafty type projects.














    Sailor Moon Mini Fans

    These are some Sailor Moon mini fans.

    I have a Sailor Moon R set and Sailor Moon SuperS set.


    Sailor Moon R (Front, Back)

    Sailor Moon SuperS (Front, Back)

    Initially want to sell these as a set, since i only have 2 suction cups for display, but ill sell individually if asked.

    Pins and Keychains

    Hi, these are are some of the new (and old) pins and keyshians i have available for sale.

    Animes Series: One Piece, Naruto, Bleach and Eyeshield 21
    I only have one of each, so first come first serve.


    One Piece



    Eyeshield 21


    NEW Plushies


    I found these stored away as well, forgot about them - these are plushies, and I won them from those arcade crane machines when I was a kid visiting relatives in Okinawa :) They are still in really good condition.

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